Hearts Beating for Children

Christmas is a time for giving. This season think about giving to some young souls in need.

Lynn Harrell is one of the greatest cellists and musical visionaries of all time. One year ago, he, his wife (violinist Helen Nightengale), and a group of people with a passion and a vision launched a mission to impact lives on the other side of the globe.

HEARTbeats Foundation - Harnessing the Power of Music

Below is a message from Helen, which I will let speak for itself.

One year ago , Lynn and I, our two young children and a team of nine professionals that included HEARTbeats board members, program specialists, a film crew, camera and recording equipment, instruments, and clothes for the orphans set off to Kathmandu, Nepal on an adventure of faith and determination to be part of a larger solution to a problem that is little understood and mostly, ignored.

There are many wonderful humanitarian foundations and groups that focus on bringing children aid in the form of food, water and medicine but very few who focus on the children’s’ spirit and emotional health.

HEARTbeats was founded to do just this using music as its medium and after two days of air travel, we touched down in Kathmandu, Nepal and took our first steps on a life changing journey; if we didn’t believe before that we could do this, we do now.

By partnering with the Unatti Foundation in Bhaktapur, a small village outside Kathmandu, we were able work with the children there and see firsthand that even during this formative stage our mission had merit and could be successful.

In the space of our time, we saw the faces of children who were able to come into our center we set up, and be children. They laughed, they played, they sang for us and to us, and when we had to leave, we all cried.

We have spent this last year refining our program and searching for support to make our program a reality for these children on a weekly basis. We are very close to achieving that goal and hope to open the center in January, 2012 with a dedicated, regular music therapist who will continue our mission by working with the children in groups and one-on-one.

As the year comes to a close, please consider one last donation to HEARTbeats and help us help these children. Any amount will make a difference, is fully tax deductible, and will help us come closer to putting our program in place not just in Bhaktapur, but in surrounding communities and eventually, other countries.

Throughout the year, we find many causes that are worthy of aid. This is one of them. It’s great to talk about how music can help save the world. But without action it remains only a nice conversation piece. Lynn and Helen are taking action. You can take action by helping them achieve their goals and make incredible things happen on the ground.

If you are interested in donating, visit the HEARTbeats Foundation and contribute today! Any amount can help, no matter how small.

Let’s make a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season for these Kids!

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