Ovation Press String Visions presents Visionary, the musical innovation project, designed to inform and empower classical musicians. Visionary looks at innovative developments in areas such as music entrepreneurship and education, providing an inspirational resource for musicians to play an integral role in revitalizing and reinventing the way classical music is presented and perceived.

The Future is Now – Our 4-part introductory series to String Visions and Visionary

Artists – Profile articles of individuals and groups in the music world who are making not only a difference but an impact

Innovation – Stories on creative and cutting-edge developments in classical music

Musical Entrepreneurship – In the words of Seth Godin, “entrepreneurs are artists”

Creative Music Ed. – Visionaries in music education are recognizing the need for creative and innovative solutions to move music education forward in the 21st century

Lessons & Inspiration – Learn and be inspired from successful visionaries and professionals in the classical music world by studying WHAT THEY DID to get to where they are

Visionary Interviews – Featured interviews with the artists who represent a truly visionary spirit in entrepreneurship, education, and other innovative musical pursuits.