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Joseph Silverstein

Remembering Joseph Silverstein

Joseph Silverstein Violinist, conductor, and teacher Joseph Silverstein has passed away at age 83
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The Great Violin Maker – Remembering Carl Becker

A tribute and look at the life of Carl F. Becker, the Chicago-based master luthier, who passed away at the end of January 2013
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Elliott Carter

A Musical Titan’s Century: Monday’s Bow (November 13)

Elliott Carter Elliott Carter has passed away at the age of 103. Learn more about the life and death of this astonishing musical force of the 20th and 21st centuries.
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Daily Bow: “Bach Reinvented”

Daily Bow Logo A new book seeks to explore how Bach has been interpreted and “reinvented” by various musicians over the past century. Read on to learn more!
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Crowdfunding Classical Music

In an ever-present search for funding in the modern world of classical music, crowdfunding is emerging as a popular option. Learn why!
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Theater of War (Featured)

At the Brink of War!

Featured Poster Image for Theater of War The Spektral Quartet will present their multi-disciplinary project “Theater of War” following the conclusion of the NATO summit. Learn more about this work, which explores the disconnect between civilians and soldiers returning home and attempting to reintegrate into society.
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Daily Bow: Eating Your Words

Daily Bow Logo A strongly negative review of the Met’s Ring Cycle surfaced on a radio blog, then disappeared at the Met’s request. Is this right?
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Tiger Mom Philosophy… More Popular than You Might Think

See the results of our survey on whether people would adopt the “Tiger Mother” approach in parenting their own children in music.
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The World Without Music (Monday’s Bow March 12)

Daily Bow Logo Ever wonder what the world would look like without music? Look no further…
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Perspective Pit Orchestra Musicians

Music that Matters – Monday’s Bow (February 20)

Daily Bow Logo This Monday’s Daily Bow takes a look at music that matters, a simple concept, but one that comes in many different forms.
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