Classical music is changing. Are classical musicians changing with it?

That is one of the questions that Ovation Press String Visions is here to explore.  A division of Ovation Press Ltd., the Internet-based music publisher, String Visions is a resource center for the 21st century musician. Our aim is to inform and inspire contemporary classical musicians (no longer an oxymoron) through the latest news and discoveries.

For many years, classical music has thrived because of the strength of institutionalized ideas that have withstood the test of time. However, today the world is changing at such an incredible pace. Developments in technology, society, attitudes… and yes, even art itself, threaten the longevity of the music we love so much.

Although our focus is on classical string music, many of the topics and stories here will reach a much wider audience, becoming a platform where innovative and creative ideas are part of an important dialog. This exchange of ideas will function as a catalyst in order to ensure that classical music remains relevant in a modern world.

We are here because we love classical music. How about you?

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