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UPDATE: Bradetich’s Ultimate Vision

In this update piece, we take a deeper look at the visionary efforts of editor Jeff Bradetich, as well as the many incredible contributions he has provided to us at Ovation Press and String Visions.
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Jeff Bradetich Pizzicato Lesson

Ever wonder how the violin and bass are different? No? Well you should! Jeff Bradetich’s pizzicato lesson is an incredible teaching not only on technique, but also understanding the physics of two very different instruments and how to effectively produce sound.
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Jeff Bradetich on Competitions

Jeff Bradetich has an incredible wealth of wisdom and experience. Here, Mr. Bradetich offers some of his DOs and DON’Ts for musicians participating in competitions, as well as some great insights into mature performing.
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Guest Video: Simon Fischer

  Simon Fischer is a London-based violinist and pedagogue. The video below is excerpted from his DVD The Secrets of Tone Production: On All Bowed String Instruments. The bow pressure exercise he demonstrates towards the end of the video was built on the original bow pressure exercises in Leopold Mozart’s A Treatise. Dr. Cheri Collins contacted Professor […]
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Jeff Bradetich: “The Ultimate Challenge”

Jeff Bradetich shares with us his six rules for successful practice. Learn how they can EMPOWER YOU!
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Klein Competition Videos

Klein Competition videos with the top three winners of the weekend, courtesy of Hans Jørgen Jensen
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