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Amy Moretti

Interview with Amy Moretti

Amy Moretti with Students Amy Schwartz Moretti, Director at Robert McDuffie Center for Strings, talks about a life and career in music with Ovation Press founder Hans Jensen
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Joseph Silverstein Rehearsal

Interview with Joseph Silverstein

Joseph Silverstein Rehearsal Hans Jensen sits down for an exclusive interview with violinist Joseph Silverstein, who shares his experiences at Meadowmount, as well as those of his significant career in classical music
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Interview with Bernard Zaslav

In an exclusive interview with acclaimed violinist, violist, and editor Bernard Zaslav, we learn more about the inspiration for his memoirs, his thoughts on the changing music world, and his work in arranging and transcribing music for the violin and viola
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Interview with Jorja Fleezanis, Part 2

Jorja Fleezanis In this second part of our interview with acclaimed violinist and editor Jorja Fleezanis, we discuss the future of classical music and symphony orchestras, as well as her recently-published edition of the violin part for Don Juan by Richard Strauss.
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Jorja Fleezanis

Interview with Jorja Fleezanis, Part 1

Jorja Fleezanis Hans Jensen interviews Ovation Press editor Jorja Fleezanis, former concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra from 1989 to 2009 and the second woman in the U.S. to hold the title of concertmaster in a major orchestra!
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Interview with Gerhard Roither

Ovation Press editor Gerhard Roither joins us to talk about his world-class arrangements for cello ensemble
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Interview with Stephen Geber, Part 2

Stephen Geber shares his thoughts on different aspects of playing in orchestral music as a career, including bowings and the interaction among different members of orchestras
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Interview with Stephen Geber, Part 1

Cellist Stephen Geber sits down with Ovation Press for an exclusive interview in which he shares his personal experiences in developing a career in music
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Jeffrey Solow Portrait

Reshaping Classical Ideas: Interview with Jeffrey Solow Part 2

Jeffrey Solow Portrait In the second of a three-part interview with Jeffrey Solow, Mr. Solow discusses some of the scores that he has arranged for us, sharing his professional experience as an editor
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Jeffrey Solow

Meeting of Minds: Interview with Jeffrey Solow Part 1

Photo of Jeffrey Solow In the first of a three-part interview with Jeffrey Solow – cellist, teacher, advocate, and proflific artist – we explore Mr. Solow’s teaching philosophy and important pedagogical concepts which have shaped him and those who have studied with him
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