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A Teacher’s Perspective: Asking Questions to Promote Self-Sufficiency in Students

Professional Slider Version This article from guest author Mihai Tetel explores questions that he asks to help make his students focused and alert during lessons
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Popper Etudes Cello Repertoire

Conquering Difficult Cello Passages with Popper

Popper Etudes Cello Repertoire Guest author Mihai Tetel helps cellists tackle standard cello repertoire with specific Popper études
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Exclusive Interview with Erwin Schoonderwaldt (Part 1)

In this exclusive interview, String Visions talks to researcher Erwin Schoonderwaldt about motion capture technology and its relation with musician’s health.
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Andreas Brantelid Gallery Photo 4

SPECIAL FEATURE – Interview with Cellist Andreas Brantelid

Photo of Cellist Andreas Brantelid In a special featured interview, Hans Jensen talks to Danish cellist Andreas Brantelid, a true artist who has established himself as one of the youngest premier cellists at the forefront of the European musical scene!
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Studying the Score

The Seven Stages of Practice

Hans Erik Deckert, a former mentor of our co-founder Hans Jensen and new editor at Ovation Press, shares with us seven fantastic strategies for practice.
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It Comes with the Territory – the Challenges of Performance Anxiety

Guest Marion Harrington, founder of Zero2Maestro and Classical Music Connects, offers advice to musicians on dealing with performance anxiety.
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Making the Most Out of Your College Years

Professional Slider Version Hartt School’s Associate Professor of Cello, Mihai Tetel, offers his guidance in helping young musicians realize the importance of their college years in shaping their professional career.
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Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

How long does it take for you to make a snap judgment about how good a performer is? That’s why first impressions are so powerful! Read on to learn more about how to make your first 20 seconds the best 20 seconds of music you’ve ever played!
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UPDATE: Bradetich’s Ultimate Vision

In this update piece, we take a deeper look at the visionary efforts of editor Jeff Bradetich, as well as the many incredible contributions he has provided to us at Ovation Press and String Visions.
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Blair Milton: A Music Professional’s Life in Perspective, Part 2

Blair Milton shares with us his personal and professional experiences as an orchestral musician, as well as some valuable practicing strategies in the conclusion to our interview with him.
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