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George Gershwin Featured

Two Gershwin Masterpieces on Cello

George Gershwin Featured Valter Dešpalj extends his work with the master of jazz and composition, George Gershwin, by bringing two of his favorites to cello: Prelude No. 2 and “Summertime”
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Gershwin Summertime cello Despalj score

The Famous Tristan & Isolde Prelude… on Eight Celli!

Wagner Tristan Prelude Cello Octet Richard Birchall and Cellophony’s latest arrangement brings the famous Tristan & Isolde Prelude by Wagner to Cello Octet
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Rachmaninoff Prelude Violin Schliephake Score

A Rachmaninoff Masterpiece on Violin – G minor Op. 23, No. 5

Rachmaninoff Prelude G Minor Violin Schliephake One of the most well-known Rachmaninoff preludes, the Op. 23 G Minor is now available for violin solo from Ernst Schliephake
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Francoeur Sonata Cello Radulovich Score

Louis Franceour and the Corrent

Francoeur Sonata IV Cello Piano Louis Francoeur joins the Ovation Press catalog with editor Nada Radulovich at the lead. Check out her edition of Francoeur’s Sonata IV for cello and piano
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Heinrich Schiff

World Loses a Cello Legend – Heinrich Schiff Passes Away in Vienna

Heinrich Schiff Austrian Cellist and Legend Heinrich Schiff has passed away at the age of 65. We honor the life of a cellist who lived a life of music until the very end.
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Dotzauer Variations Cello Despalj Score

Dotzauer’s Variations on “Là ci darem la mano” for Cello Duo

Dotzauer Variations Based off the duet from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Dotzauer’s arrangement and variations of “Là ci darem la mano” have been expertly edited by Valter Dešpalj for two celli
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Janof Rondo in Blue Cello Score

Janof Rondo in Blue for Cello and Piano

Tim Janof Rondo in Blue Enjoy this original composition from a self-taught cellist who learned and played for years before he had his first teacher as a sophomore in college
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Aaron Kernis

NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Aaron Kernis

Aaron Kernis Featured Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis is one of the world’s leading figures in new music. His work for eight celli, Ballad, is featured on Northwestern University Cello Ensemble’s debut album
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Hans Thomalla

NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Hans Thomalla

Hans Thomalla Featured German professor of composition and music technology Hans Thomalla chats about an international career and his compositional work in an exclusive interview
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Chris Willis Recording Studio

NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Christopher Willis, Part 2

Chris Willis Recording Studio Four-time Grammy-winning recording engineer Christopher Willis talks microphone technology, including that used to record the Northwestern University Cello Ensemble’s CD
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