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Richard Narroway Profile

Bringing Music to Life – A Bach & Australian Cello Project

Richard Narroway Cellist Richard Narroway aims to present the six Bach Cello Suites and six contemporary Australian compositions throughout Australia as part of a two-month tour.
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Practice Retreat (CMW Fellows Series February 2013)

CMW fellow Annalisa Boerner writes about the importance of the “Practice Retreat”
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CMW West End Community Center Performance (Dec. 14, 2012)

CMW Holiday Laughter (CMW Fellows Series January 2013)

CMW West End Community Center Performance (Dec. 14, 2012) First-year CMW fellow Lauren Thoman Latessa shares her first winter holiday experiences with Community MusicWorks
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How the Workplace Treats You

How the Workplace Treats You (CMW Fellows Series December 2012)

How the Workplace Treats You In this monthly installment of our View from a CMW Fellowship, Annalisa Boerner takes a look at the question of “how your workplace treats you”
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CMW Fellows at Hardware Store

CMW Annual Bach Festival (CMW Fellows Series November 2012)

CMW Fellows at Hardware Store First-year CMW fellow Lauren Thoman Latessa details her experiences with CMW at their Annual Bach Festival
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Community MusicWorks Musicians

The View from a Fellowship – Monthly CMW Series

Community MusicWorks Musicians In the first of a monthly series from Community MusicWorks Fellows, violist and first-year Fellow Annalisa Boerner shares her experience with CMW performing at the Armory Farmers Market
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Andreas Brantelid Gallery Photo 4

SPECIAL FEATURE – Interview with Cellist Andreas Brantelid

Photo of Cellist Andreas Brantelid In a special featured interview, Hans Jensen talks to Danish cellist Andreas Brantelid, a true artist who has established himself as one of the youngest premier cellists at the forefront of the European musical scene!
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Daily Bow Logo

Daily Bow: An Orchestra of Blind Musicians?

Daily Bow Logo In Cairo, the Al Nour Wal Amal Chamber Orchestra puts on concerts of western and eastern classical music, with the musical forces composed of 38 blind women. Read on to learn about this inspirational group!
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Knights of Music

The Knights Classical (Monday’s Bow, April 9th)

Image of a Classical Music 'Knight' The story of The Knights is an inspiring tale of young musicians finding themselves through music… and reshaping ideas about the way musicians collaborate professionally
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Daily Bow: The Hospitality of Jennifer Higdon

Daily Bow Logo In honor of Women’s History Month, we take a look at the music of composer Jennifer Higdon. Read on to learn more!
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