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Helmut Lipsky Portrait 3

Interview with Helmut Lipsky, Part 2

Helmut Lipsky Featured Photo In a continuous of our series, acclaimed violinist, composer, and teacher Helmut Lipsky discusses teaching, pedagogy, and education
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Helmut Lipsky’s Waves

Interview with Helmut Lipsky, Part 1

Photo of Helmut Lipsky In the first of an exclusive multi-part cycle focusing on the work of acclaimed composer and musician Helmut Lipsky, Mr. Lipsky shares his thoughts with us on composition and his many projects
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Andreas Brantelid Gallery Photo 4

SPECIAL FEATURE – Interview with Cellist Andreas Brantelid

Photo of Cellist Andreas Brantelid In a special featured interview, Hans Jensen talks to Danish cellist Andreas Brantelid, a true artist who has established himself as one of the youngest premier cellists at the forefront of the European musical scene!
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Studying the Score

The Seven Stages of Practice

Hans Erik Deckert, a former mentor of our co-founder Hans Jensen and new editor at Ovation Press, shares with us seven fantastic strategies for practice.
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The Case for Active Practicing

Image of a "Not Very Ideal" Piano Study Have you ever had trouble motivating yourself to practice? Then this is for you. A special guest author offers some remarkable insights on how to make practicing more engaging, effective, and fun.
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Villa-Lobos and Brazil

Brazil, Bach, and the Cello – Unknown Treasure for Cello and Piano by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Image of Villa-Lobos and Brazil In this special guest article, Dr. Lars Hoefs writes about the hidden cellistic jewels of composer Heitor Villa-Lobos and the incredible stories behind them. Read on for this incredible survey of “Brazil, Bach, and the Cello!”
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Robert McDuffie

Who is America’s Antonio Vivaldi?

Profile Image of Robert McDuffie An Interview with International Violinist Robert McDuffie about a particular piece of music made just for him… by none other than Philip Glass.
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Hangin’ with the ClassicCool Kids

Hanna Rumora, a ClassiCool Kid, shares her insights into the importance of classical music and her experiences working with young students
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Hans Jensen Gets Deported from Canada!?

Not knowing the law, not having an official letter of invitation, and not telling the situation as it is sends Hans Jensen right back to Chicago… What can we learn from this story? Read on to find out!
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Schumann’s Disease Diagnosed, 200 Hundred Years Later!

Hans Jensen interviews Dr. Eckart Altenmüller, Director of the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians’ Medicine in Hanover, Germany and one of the world’s leading experts on focal dystonia.
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