Jeff Bradetich on Competitions


Jeff Bradetich, double bass editor at Ovation Press,  has an incredible wealth of wisdom and experience. In the video below Mr. Bradetich offers some of his DOs and DON’Ts for musicians participating in competitions, as well as some great insights into mature performing.

Jeff Bradetich Competition Advice

  • There’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t do, and that’s over express when you play a note. No older professional wants to see the music dealt with in that way.
  • (Your expression) has to be sincere and in tune with the music.
  • There’s so many fine players today that can play all the notes that you obviously HAVE to go beyond that.
  • It’s not what notes you play but how you play those notes and what you have to say
  • When you can get something from the heart that really moves the listener, that can overshadow any virtuoso playing
  • Be an advocate for your instrument and for the music… and not just there to show off yourself

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  1. beat marti-leget March 23, 2014 at 3:27 am #

    i am a swiss amateur violin player almost 80 yrs old. at age 19 i played in public first mvt mozart kv 219 and a slow mvt of lalo symph im physically unfit right hand shaky..i own luetschg gustav and pressenda j f violins. i now just purchased a new hanspluhar. a richness of sound also of the very young instrument can be shown well with “sons filEs” on sol and re strings. also playing paganini moses dream.listen to you tube clip of young menuhin.

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