Angela Beeching: “What’s Your Coping Strategy?”


By now we’ve all heard about the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene. Today Angela Beeching had a great Monday Byte on coping with the unexpected.

There is a great deal of value in the lesson that we explore here. When you mentor someone, it’s very important that you help them understand that they only control certain things. Knowing that there are factors beyond your control, it’s not a question of if something will go wrong but rather how you respond when they inevitably do.

Check out this great Monday Byte from Angela Beeching.

What’s Your Coping Strategy?

Maslow, hurricanes, & coping strategies
Hurricane Irene has brought to mind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s about the fact that we need our most basic needs met (for food, shelter, and safety), before we can focus on dealing with our “higher” needs (for love, self-esteem, and a meaningful life). So, whether it’s a hurricane, or a personal storm of economic and career issues, we need to take care of basics first.The Serenity prayer reminds us of an important distinction, that in life there is:

What we can control – our actions, our words, what we pay attention to and focus on, and how we respond to circumstances & others
What we can’t control – the actions of others, Mother Nature

Some difficulties–and some opportunities–are of our own making. Others are not. Being able to distinguish between these two categories is important, and making the most of what we CAN control, that’s the big idea.

So this week let’s focus on coping skills basics: on staying safe, on getting enough sleep, on eating healthy, nourishing food, and checking in with our loved ones. As always, your feedback and blog comments are most appreciated. I’d love to hear your best coping strategies!

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PPS: Maybe you’ve heard about Walmart & one of their most popular food requests after natural distasters: what do people want? [spoiler alert: strawberry poptarts anyone?]

Dream big, plan smart, live well

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