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Angela Beeching: “What’s Your Coping Strategy?”

Check out Angela Beeching’s great Monday Byte on coping with the unexpected! With the natural disaster of Hurricane Irene, there is perhaps no better time to reflect on this topic.
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Angela Beeching: What You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey

Today Angela Beeching ran a great “Monday Byte” drawing upon famous actor Kevin Spacey for advice. Learn from both of them!
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How Many Hours a Day Do You Practice?

How Many Hours a Day Do You Practice?

Professional Slider Version Learn about how to practice more efficiently from Dr. Noa Kageyama, The Bulletproof Musician!
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Consistency of Practicing

Consistency is the key behind any process. Practicing is no exception. Check out Emily Wright’s personal reflection on practicing and see what you can learn from it.
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Emily Wright and the Sound of Music

Emily Wright, a former student of mine from many years ago, runs a blog called the Stark Raving Cello. Last year she produced a very interesting article that fits well within the scope of Creative Music Ed found here on String Visions.
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How to Measure Effective Practice

How to measure effective practice? A timeless question. Daniel Coyle lays out a gauge to do precisely this and help people “practice better.”
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