Angela Beeching: What You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey


Today Angela Beeching ran a great “Monday Byte” drawing upon famous actor Kevin Spacey for advice! We’re cross-posting it here so you can benefit from Mr. Spacey’s (and Ms. Beeching’s) wisdom.

Check out the original article here!

What’s your approach to dealing with a down economy? Or your own “lean years”?

We’ve all faced the “ramen noodle” periods at some point. And in this new economy, many are revisiting these times. But there’s an amazing tool we each have that can transform that experience: it’s our attitude.

Here’s terrific advice on dealing with lean times from Kevin Spacey (YAY!) He asks some tough questions and points to the big issues we all face. He articulates what it actually takes to succeed, beyond wanting it!

Watch this quick video clip (under 2 minutes)  here.

Questions for the week
1. What is your habitual attitude about dealing with tough times?
2. What’s your narrative, the story you tell yourself (and others) about why you’re doing what you do as an artist? Do you have a clear mission?
3. What has been most helpful to you for keeping focused on the positive? on getting the work done? on rekindling your inspiration?

I’d love to get your responses—you can now leave comments on the Monday Bytes blog (and search earlier postings) on my site, where I’ve also got other resources!

Dream big, plan smart, live well


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