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Finger Notes in the Mind

Sleep is important for more than just staying awake. It also plays a role in developing motor skills. Read on to see how it could affect YOU!
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Roger Frisch Follow-Up Talk

Roger Frisch continues to play violin after undergoing brain surgery. Dr. Stephanie Haun shares her personal correspondence with the amazing violinist who has resumed his position as Associate Concertmaster with the Minnesota Orchestra
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String Players’ Brains are “Special”

As string players, we develop brain areas that others do not. Other musicians develop unique brains, but string players are subjects of ongoing research because they offer distinctive evidence of brain plasticity. Our brains develop more in volume, mechanisms of use, and perhaps heightened abilities beyond music alone.
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This is Your Mind on Music

This is Your Mind on Music

Musical Mind Slider Version Science, and particularly brain research concerning string players, has implications beyond musicians. Scientists are discovering new and unique ways that the mind works in many contexts.
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