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Bow Speed Techniques

Do you ever feel that your bow is too short? You might need to work on some bow speed exercises. Learn son filé exercises from the Masters!
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The Feldenkrais Method & Alexander Technique

Two methods of movement education that have been particularly popular with musicians are the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique. These two methods of somatic education use specific patterns of movement to help bring our attention to how we move.
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Tips for Healthy Practicing, Part 2

What do you do if you feel pain from playing? The first thing is, STOP playing if it hurts. End your practice session early. Do not keep playing through the pain. It will just aggravate the problem…
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Staying Healthy, Staying Musical

In order to continue performing music to our fullest, we must take care of the instruments that allows us to express ourselves: not just the instrument that we play, but also our minds and bodies.
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