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Reflections of a Musical Visionary: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 2

In the continuation of our interview with Community MusicWorks founder Sebastian Ruth, we discuss the issues of time management, creativity, and leadership.
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 1

Sebastian Ruth is a community partner, social entrepreneur, and musical visionary who founded Community MusicWorks. As a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, there is much for us to learn from him. READ ON and BE INSPIRED in part 1 of Mr. Ruth’s exclusive interview with String Visions.
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Building Community One Note at a Time

Community MusicWorks is an incredible vehicle moving towards a powerful vision. Learn more about how they are impacting the lives of hundreds of people.
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Understanding Visionary

In the conclusion to “The Future is Now” we explore Visionary, the music innovation project. It is designed to empower classical musicians to play an integral role in revitalizing and reinventing the way classical music is presented and perceived. That is our mission statement… but what are we looking for?
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Making a Difference

Music for music’s sake can be a beautiful thing. But those out there who are the most creative and innovative are also those who are making a concrete difference in the everyday lives of those they touch. Part 3 of 4 in the “The Future is Now.”
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