Daily Bow: A Classical Revolution


Classical Music Moves From Concert Halls to Cafes

A recent article in the New York Times shows how classical music concerts are finding new performance spaces and new audiences.

While classical music performances in nontraditional spaces are nothing new… such events have proliferated in the last decade.

Classical Revolution, a collective of classically trained musicians who bring their music to nontraditional venues, was founded on November 12th, 2006 by violinist Charith Premawardhana. Since then more than 500 concerts have been presented at the Revolution Café in the Mission District of San Francisco. The concept of Classical Revolution is very popular and there are now chapters in New York, Montreal, Philadelphia, Chicago, Berlin, Cincinnati, Melbourne, Cleveland, Belgrade, Banff, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Boston, and Madison. Chapters are in progress or under construction in Reno, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Paris and in the Twin Cities.

For more information, go their website:


The exponential growth of Classical Revolution and other innovative chamber music entities, like the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music and Opera on Tap, points to a broader trend in classical music–with its traditionally lofty image and high ticket prices–of making it more approachable.



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  1. Charith November 27, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    Hi Hans,
    Thanks for the post!
    I met you a couple times when I was growing up in Chicago.
    You are legendary!!


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