Keeping Your Fellow Musicians Healthy


In our last post, we heard from educator and performer Dr. Jo Nardolillo on how to prevent injuries in your students.  But how do you help keep your colleagues healthy?  Will they listen to your advice?

The best way to help your colleague, friend, or stand-partner stay healthy is by example.  Live the healthy lifestyle you deserve, warm up before rehearsals, and take breaks when you are hurting.  By treating your body with respect, and taking the time to care for it, they will start to notice how important it is to you.  If you stop playing when you are in pain, that gives them permission to do the same.

Taking care of yourself can draw others to you like a magnet.  Those around you who are hurting from playing their instrument – but aren’t sure what to do about it – may approach you for advice.  A word of caution: just because you have had an injury, does not mean you can diagnose your friends.  The exercises and advice given to you by your doctor or physical therapist will not necessarily help your stand-partner, even if their symptoms seem the same.  However, you CAN lend a sympathetic ear, advise them to see their doctor, and tell them not to play through the pain.  You can also share tips you have learned along your own journey to staying healthy.

Not sure how to keep yourself healthy yet?  That’s the first step!  Read “Tips for Healthy Practicing” and start educating yourself about healthy practice habits.  The rewards of becoming a healthier musician will be well worth the effort!

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    David,It is entirely possible that I wol;dn&#39ut believe even if the evidence were much better than it is. However, I don't think that this possibility justifies believing based on evidence that is weak.

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