Score Spotlight: Oct 1-15, 2014

October is only halfway through, but already we’ve had a busy month! We’ve published three new scores for cello ensemble, as well as an exciting new viola transcription.

Schubert’s Three Songs from Schwanengesang for Cello Octet

The score Three Songs from Schwanengesang for Cello Octet was arranged by cellist and Cellophony member Richard Birchall. A cello octet based in the UK, Cellophony released their debut album Vibrez to critical acclaim back in late-August. The album features, among many other arrangements, Schubert’s Three Songs from Schwanengesang.

The original work Schwanengesang contains 14 songs published after Schubert’s death. Birchall elegantly reworks three of these songs for the cello octet, fusing eight cellos into a unified sound while also allowing each instrument to shine through.

The three songs contained in this arrangement are:

  • “Liebesbotschaft”
  • “Staendchen”
  • “Aufenthalt”

Be on the lookout for an upcoming exclusive interview with the editor Richard Birchall!

Drei Intraden & Tanzen und Springen by Hassler

Renaissance/Early Baroque composer Hans Leo Hassler was one of the most influential musicians to bring the innovations of the Venetian style to his native Germany. One of Hassler’s most important achievements was to combine Italian virtuoso conventions with the more conservative Germanic style: blending innovation and tradition.

Editor Hans Erik Deckert’s arrangements preserve the distinctive multi-style character of Hassler’s original compositions. The arrangement of Drei Intraden (preludes) for six cellos is very suitable for festive events and celebrations. For younger players, we recommend Tanzen und Springen a merry and “dancing” madrigal for cello quintet.

Popper’s Spinning Song for Viola Solo

David Popper is well-known for a number of shorter showpieces written to highlight the unique sound and style native to the cello. He extended the instrument’s range to new heights with pieces such as Spinnlied (Spinning Song). He is a fitting musical subject for editor Viacheslav Dinerchtein, who has always been firm about letting go of any preconceived notions of what can or cannot be played on the viola. In his previous work at Ovation Press, Dinerchtein made no technical or musical concessions when transcribing to the viola from violin. He achieves the same going from cello to viola with Popper’s Spinning Song.

This arrangement of Spinning Song is a technical tour de force for viola in under two minutes.

All of these scores are available for download exclusively at Ovation Press. If you want to be kept updated on the latest scores from Ovation Press, be sure to join our mailing list!

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