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Daily Bow: Music and Brains!

Daily Bow: Music and Brains!

Daily Bow Logo New and exciting research on the subject of brain development and music!
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The Plucked String

Dr. Cheri Collins shares some of her extensive knowledge that comprised her dissertation regarding Helmholtz’s concept of motion and how it pertains to playing string instruments. In this article she explores the plucked vs. bowed string.
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Physics of the Vibrating String

One of the most important elements of physics in string music is how a string vibrates. Learn about the experiments of the great scientist Hermann Helmholtz and how his research and findings could help you as a performing musician.
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Science and String Playing

Science and music intersect on a variety of levels. Read on for just a sample of what musicians should be aware of!
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How Big is the Universe?

By exploring the relationship between physics and string music, and opening up a dialogue that explores both past influential thought and current leading discoveries, we aim to create a forum where string players can be exposed to the most recent research and discoveries from leading physicists concerning string playing.
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