10 Questions about Improvisation and Clazz Music Festival

Check out our interview with Crispin Campbell, discussing improvisation and the Clazz Music Festival

Interview with Joel Quarrington

Hans Jensen interviews Joel Quarrington on his recording release of “An die Musik”
Professional Slider Version

A Teacher’s Perspective: Asking Questions to Promote Self-Sufficiency in Students

This article from guest author Mihai Tetel explores questions that he asks to help make his students focused and alert during lessons

Engage Your CelloMind! New Book from Hans Jensen and Minna Rose Chung

Ovation Press recently published CelloMind, a two-part, pedagogical method book that has been written to help musicians understand HOW intonation works and, more importantly, WHY it works the way it does. CelloMind was created by two highly respected cello teachers. Hans Jørgen Jensen has earned a place among the world’s elite teachers, and his former […]

Richard Narroway and his Bach Six Cello Suites Recording

Cellist Richard Narroway chats with String Visions about his complete recording of the Bach Cello Suites and his tour in Australia

Interview with Grigory Kalinovsky

Violinist Grigory Kalinovsky discusses his early musical and family roots in Soviet Russia, as well as his affinity for composer Mieczysław Weinberg

Interview with Valter Dešpalj about his Transcriptions for Cello and Guitar, published by Ovation Press

Valter Dešpalj discusses his Cello/Guitar transcriptions, published by Ovation Press, such as Schubert’s Arpeggione and his brother’s Ommagio A Bellini
George Gershwin Featured

Two Gershwin Masterpieces on Cello

Valter Dešpalj extends his work with the master of jazz and composition, George Gershwin, by bringing two of his favorites to cello: Prelude No. 2 and “Summertime”
Wagner Tristan Prelude Cello Octet

The Famous Tristan & Isolde Prelude… on Eight Celli!

Richard Birchall and Cellophony’s latest arrangement brings the famous Tristan & Isolde Prelude by Wagner to Cello Octet
Rachmaninoff Prelude G Minor Violin Schliephake

A Rachmaninoff Masterpiece on Violin – G minor Op. 23, No. 5

One of the most well-known Rachmaninoff preludes, the Op. 23 G Minor is now available for violin solo from Ernst Schliephake
Francoeur Sonata IV Cello Piano

Louis Franceour and the Corrent

Louis Francoeur joins the Ovation Press catalog with editor Nada Radulovich at the lead. Check out her edition of Francoeur’s Sonata IV for cello and piano
Heinrich Schiff

World Loses a Cello Legend – Heinrich Schiff Passes Away in Vienna

Austrian Cellist and Legend Heinrich Schiff has passed away at the age of 65. We honor the life of a cellist who lived a life of music until the very end.