Daily Bow: Updates on the Tchaikovsky Competition


The Tchaikovsky Competition: tensions grow as second round begins

The second round has started at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Our task is to choose a person who has the potential to become an outstanding musician with his or her individual manner of performing and the power to keep the audience`s attention”, said Antonio Meneses, a famous Brazilian cellist, who won the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1982.


The Tchaikovsky Competition: turning a new page

This year the organizing committee made great strides towards reviving the prestige of the competition, including the live broadcast via the Internet. The Tchaikovsky remains a “starting point” for many musicians. As such the performance order, while at times a bit nerve-wracking, does not factor heavily in the considerations of many of the participants. Most of them simply appreciate the fact that they are there.

For many competitors the order of performance does not make any difference at all. David Eggert, 26, a cellist who represents Germany and US, and is in the second round says he has been dreaming about joining the Tchaikovsky Competition since his early years. “I was determined to take part in this competition”, says David.



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  1. Cellimom June 21, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    It is really great festival. Everyday my family enjoy their music.
    Also, it is a great opportunity for study.
    Live broadcast makes this competition so pupular to the whole world.
    I think this year Tchaikovsky competition will be much bigger success than ever.

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