Daily Bow: Could Music Really Heal the World?


Every musician and music-lover is aware of the profound impact of which music is capable. In addition to being able to impact one’s own emotions, music also transcends traditional barriers that so often divide and segregate people. Be it cultural, language, or religious barriers, music can overcome these human bulwarks and can accomplish a solidarity of which nothing else can compare. This begs the question, “Could music really heal the world?” Dennis Merritt Jones seems to think that it can:

The spiritual significance of music lies in the fact that it literally brings people together at a level of vibration that transcends boundaries, culture, language, religion, gender, age, color and politics, a place where we can all experience our sameness. When we can move beyond all of the aforementioned “labels,” our differences tend to dissolve into the “oneness” from which we came. How can the energy of music be this powerful? Music resonates with the heart, not just the head.

While there is indeed a mathematical element to music that requires the integration of the left brain with the right brain, when music flows it penetrates and permeates the heart and soul of every human being it touches. For most of us, music is not an intellectual process, it is an emotional experience that is uniquely personal and yet, at the same time, interpersonal — it’s what connects us with others. While we may need an interpreter to tell us what the lyrics of a song mean, no one needs an interpreter to tell them what the energy of music is saying — the heart knows. In the words of my singer-songwriter friend Harold Payne, “Music speaks louder than words, it’s the only thing that the whole world listens to.”

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  1. Jack July 25, 2017 at 9:51 pm #

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