Brianna Richardson’s Focal Dystonia Post on!

Last month we featured a fantastic three-part series on focal dystonia from musicians’ health expert Brianna Richardson. Shortly after that, I spoke with Laurie Niles, editor at about publishing a version of the second part of Brianna’s series to supplement a great blog post on that site by fellow musician and visionary Gerald Klickstein from the Musician’s Way.

Klickstein’s post focused on introducing the topic of focal dystonia and different approaches to preventing its debilitating effects. Brianna’s second part, however, dealt more with how to treat the condition should one already be afflicted. As crucial as this topic is, both myself and Laurie felt that it would be a great contribution and addition to the focal dystonia resources on

See Brianna’s new version of “Treating Focal Dystonia in Musicians.”

To see the original three-part series, check out part one.

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