Daily Bow: We’re All in This Together

Daily Bow LogoAs far as orchestral organizations go, the past month has been a frightening one. We saw a situation that we all already knew was tenuous at best go from bad to worse, and, as orchestral strikes and negotiations reached a fever pitch across the nations in the past few weeks, it seems that the orchestral institution in this country is ready to fall down around our shoulders. What began with the bitter strike in Louisville crept steadily through other orchestras across the country, and musicians have been looking on with dread and fear. When the news broke that beloved institutions like the Minnesota Orchestra, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra were looking to cut pay and benefits for musicians, it seemed that our fears had finally come to pass. The almost unbelievable–and mercifully brief–Chicago Symphony Orchestra strike was taken by many to be the indication that the apocalypse had really come to pass. The two headlining classical music stories of the week were the resolutions of the strikes in Chicago and Atlanta, both with very different outcomes. The Chicago strike was over quickly and, it seems, largely bloodlessly. The musicians in Atlanta are unable to say the same. They ended their lockout by agreeing to a painful and unprecedented reduction in salary and benefits, and that’s only the quantifiable measure of their losses.

The Chicago Symphony strike was reported in The Chicago Tribune in an article that reflected some of the reactions of patrons surprised by the sudden cancellation of a concert following the decision to strike. Said one symphony patron and a 40-year subscriber, a Mr. Rick Baumgartner, “We love the symphony. We consider it to be one of the best in the world. I don’t think I can sit and listen to them the same way again. I’ll be tempted to boo them the next time I watch them, rather than cheer. This city loves them and I think they’re being offensive.” Even among some musicians, there were grumblings that it was hard to feel sympathy for an orchestra that pays on average $175,000 a year. On my own news feed, people were posting the Tribune article, and acquaintances of acquaintances left messages about how the CSO should, to put it politely, stop whining. These reactions to the Chicago strike, both on the part of the uninitiated audience members and musicians, show an extraordinary lack of understanding of what is truly at stake in the fight for survival here in the classical world. These reactions show that there are some things that need to be said, and they need to be heard–now.

Take the case of the Mr. Baumgartner in the Tribune article. He considers the symphony to be the “best in the world,” but now, after seeing the strike, he considers them without class and is tempted to boo. Well, Mr. Baumgartner, there are some things you need to consider before you start that booing. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is among the best in the world because its players are among the best in the world, and they are compensated for their talent and hard work as befits any individuals at the top of their game. The skill it takes to ascend to this level comes only after years of hard work–this isn’t an office job that players leave behind after work hours are finished. These players are rarely off-duty–musicians almost never are. While you may go home at 5 pm every day, the musician’s work follows him home in the form of constant practice, which is not paid for. If you take the hours practiced by a symphony musician for the myriad concerts and responsibilities they bear and add them to the time actually spent on the job at the hall, suddenly $175,000 a year turns into a shockingly low hourly rate. And this is an expensive game, too.

As my first cello teacher warned me, music is a money pit. A friend of mine in the symphony is currently trying to purchase a new cello. A cello of the caliber that it takes to play in this level of orchestra can very easily and typically cost well over $300,000. Imagine trying to pay for that if you, like many musicians, had a mortgage to pay, children to educate and feed and clothe, and all of the normal expenses that everyone else has. If it’s okay for it to be hard to make ends meet for anyone else in any other line of work on a similar salary, why is it not all right for a musician to have trouble, too? Or are we simply not judged by the same scale because somewhere, deep down, society does not take the choice of music as a living seriously? The prevailing view is that musicians are like indulged children, allowed to pursue what many people think of as a hobby for pay. That view remains mostly cloaked until times get hard. Then, suddenly, the people with “real jobs” have no qualms removing support for musicians. It is a dangerous and double-edged sword: patronage can become patronizing ever so quickly.

On a strictly practical level, why should a symphony striking to uphold their well-earned standard of living, no matter what the circumstances are, be judged classless? I’m not sure in what other profession anyone would be accused of being gauche for simply trying to defend their salary, and that underscores a hard but real truth that persists to this day in music: as much as people love the symphony, many still view musicians as a very high class of “the help.” For all their talk about art and how much they love it, to many patrons the symphony is more of a service than an artistic presentation. Many people are happy to extol the talents of musicians–until it costs them too much money. Then, suddenly the talent, the art, the hard work and the dedication no longer matter and the musician who fights for his salary becomes an ungrateful whiner.

But the real crux of the situation is much more dire than that. The Chicago Symphony has been experiencing something of a rebirth since the arrival of its much-loved new music director, Riccardo Muti. Ticket sales are strong, donor money is flowing fast, and, by all accounts, the picture for the CSO is a rosy one. In fact, the CSO is often mentioned as a rare example of a symphonic organization in the United States that is doing just fine. There are few others in the country who can say the same. The musicians of the Chicago Symphony had the foresight to realize–as many patrons and fellow musicians did not–that their situation had great bearing on the outcomes of the various strikes going on around the country. The CSO is a role model for the nation’s orchestras, as is only natural for an orchestra of its stature. It sets not only artistic but industrial standards, and the CSO musicians realized that to allow a healthy organization to cut the benefits of the musicians not as a last resort but a simple matter of desire would leave their fellow musicians in other, less financially stable orchestras without a leg to stand on. The line in the sand was drawn only in part to protect their own interests; it was also drawn to make sure that the standard of living at the top doesn’t fall down, therefore driving down the scale for everyone else. If a healthy orchestra can justify paying its musicians less, what can an ailing orchestra justify?

Read this statement from arts lawyer Kevin Case:

What this means is that there will always be a handful of orchestras, like the Chicago Symphony, where the musicians do extraordinarily well compared their colleagues in other places.  Simply put, somebody has to be at the top.  It is easy for musicians who are at the lower end of the spectrum, looking up, to feel like they are getting a raw deal.  (And they often are.)  But the solution is not to bring down those at the top; rather, it is to work to lift up those at the bottom and in the middle.  In short, the problem is not that the CSO musicians are overpaid – it is that the rest of you are underpaid.

If musicians in top orchestras are forced to take significant concessions – even if it still leaves them with a “pretty good deal” – then that will do absolutely nothing to help musicians in other orchestras. In fact, the opposite will happen, for if managements can successfully obtain cuts in orchestras like the CSO, where finances are solid and the musicians enjoy broad community support, then just imagine what will happen elsewhere. If, on the other hand, musicians in top orchestras are able to achieve or preserve gains, then other orchestras may be able to follow. (That is, in fact, the blueprint that resulted in exponentially better pay and benefits for nearly all orchestral musicians from the 1970s through the 1990s.) In other words, if the CSO players do well, then everyone else at least has a fighting chance to make their own gains; but if the CSO players fare poorly, then everyone else is pretty much guaranteed to lose.

And this week, the outrageous contract forced on the players of the Atlanta Symphony showed us what happens when we lose.

I am no expert by any measure on orchestral politics or the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing that goes into a collective bargaining agreement. I was not personally privy to the details of the strikes, and I know only what was reported by news outlets and the musicians themselves–and plenty of details are circulating all over the internet right now. Here’s the long and short of what happened in Atlanta, in the words of the musicians themselves:

In an unprecedented and extremely painful move designed to keep the music going, ASOPA [Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Association] agreed to every dollar in concessions that the Woodruff Arts Center (WAC) and ASO management have demanded since the lockout began on August 25.  In the interest of continuing to bring music to the community and opening the season on time, ASOPA has accepted $5.2 million in concessions over a brief two-year agreement.

What exactly does that mean? Here are the important stats on the new contract, which was drawn up by management that alleged that the Atlanta Symphony was on the brink of extinction:

  • Despite its executives’ dire assessment, the only ASO gesture toward sharing the financial pain is an agreement that CEO Stanley Romanstein, his second in command Donald F. Fox and three other ASO  managers will have their aggregate pay cut by 6%.  No staff running ASO subsidiaries, including Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, will be affected. Romanstein’s and Fox’s salaries are $314,000 and $291,000, respectively, according to the most recent IRS documents filed by the ASO.
  • The musicians’ costs were a mere 28% of the total ASO budget in recent years, a figure which will now drop to 24%, achieved by $5.2 million in concessions from only the players.
  • The musicians will absorb 17% and 14% individual pay cuts in the two years of the agreement.
  • The number of musicians will drop from 95 to 88. The staff number will remain at 74.
  •  The season will be reduced from 52  to 41 weeks in 2012-13 and 42 weeks in 2013-14. The last time the orchestra season was this short, the staff numbered 15 people.
  • The musicians also agreed to shoulder part of their health insurance premiums, and to increased flexibility in working conditions, allowing ASO management to utilize the orchestra in smaller ensembles simultaneously.

The players of the ASO, in their press statement, say that they “have agreed to these deep concessions for one reason alone, and that is to do what they do best: continue to play great music for their public at an extraordinarily high level.  They hope you will join them in support and recognition of this sacrifice by attending upcoming concerts, donating generously, and recognizing that the people on stage are the assets that must be preserved.”

The injustice of the new contract in Atlanta is truly astonishing. In the increasingly corporate world of the symphonic organization, it seems that players–the very people around whom the organization was built–are considered the most expendable and the most replaceable. Never mind that the orchestral organization without the actual orchestra is nothing but a large collection of businesspeople: the machine has evolved now so that these are essentially corporations with concert halls attached. These strikes are not frivolous displays from petulant fat-cat musicians. They are fights to keep the very spirit and legacy of classical music intact. There can be no more sniping from inside the music world about how much a given set of musicians is paid, no more ill will toward the haves from the have-nots. What happens to any of us–whether it is to the top or the middle or the bottom of our field–affects us all. We will all feel the repercussions when we see our friends and colleagues forced to concede more and more, not just in quantifiable benefits and pay, but in dignity, respect, and the value that society–and their own organizations–place on them.

Above all, we must remember: we are all in this together.

94 Responses to Daily Bow: We’re All in This Together

  1. TJ October 10, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    I think musicians forget that the majority of their salaries is “charity.” You mention that top musicians are compensated so highly because they are the best. But the market is simply not there to pay musicians at this level. In most jobs, you receive salary in some proportion to the revenue you bring to a company. For example, the Minnesota Orchestra’s ticket sales make up 1/3 of the orchestra’s revenue so it seems that the musicians should be very happy to receive $89,000 a year with 10 weeks off and generous benefits (although I understand their skill level is also what attracts donations). In a time of economic crisis, many people believe that musicians’ “woe is me” attitude over salaries that are higher than 85% of Americans and are primarily funded through charity is ludicrous. A person’s salary is supported by the money they bring in: if the musician’s can’t bring in the revenue and donations to support their current salaries, then they simply aren’t worth their current salaries. If they spent $300,000 on a concert cello, that is simply a poor investment.

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