Daily Bow: Classical Strikes it Big in Ring Tones

Daily Bow LogoClassical music has struck it big with Nokia!

Research has apparently shown that classical music ringtones are the most popular. To capitalize on that fact, Nokia hired the 55-piece Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to create 25 original classical tunes for Nokia Lumia models.

The result is an arsenal of branding tools for Nokia. Composed in-house by Nokia sound designers, these “modern classical” tunes were heavily worked-on and refined before being passed to the orchestra to finish and record.

Aleksi Eeben, a sound designer at Nokia, said: “The 25 original pieces, called ‘miniatures’ were composed by five Nokia Design in-house sound designers.

“We started exploring the idea through contemporary classical and film music, However, the final result was original pieces that are distinctively ring tones: they are short, and they all have a functional sounds element.”

Nokia also worked with an audio production company called Epic Sound which helped on some of the composing and arranging.

Asbjoern Andersen, from Epic Sound, said: “Nokia has one of the most recognisable brand sounds in the world and has done lots of pioneering work to innovate and evolve sound on mobile phones. And I think bringing in a living, breathing orchestra really takes this to the next level.

Indeed, this is a considerable step up from the standard offering of ringtones, which are usually created using a studio synthesizer that produces a wide range of sounds. Creating a music for a phone is trickier than it might sound. These tunes must be instantly recognizable – that means short and catchy – but also something that people can listen to repeatedly without becoming annoyed by it. Most people can easily hear the difference from between “machine-made” music and the organic, distinctive sound of a living, breathing orchestra. The former may be able to achieve the recognition aspect, but people often tire of hearing the same stock tune over and over again.

Classical music may have made the save here. With the popularity of the genre on mobile, and the investments made by Nokia to secure a varied list of tracks, the company is well-positioned for the ringtone wars of 2013 and beyond. It has been estimated that Nokia’s mobile sounds are heard roughly a billion times each day, so the impact of audio and music quality is paramount.

It also shows the versatility and commitment of the company, which is working extremely hard to present its users with the best possible offerings, not only hiring the orchestra, but also utilziing audio production firms and its in-house designers / developers / “composers” to ensure the final product is amazing.

“There’s a lot of thought, effort and new ideas put into the devices – not only in terms of the hardware, but also in the overall user experience and design of the products.

“The Nokia mobile sounds are heard around a billion times a day, so a lot of work is put into ensuring that they would stand repeated listening in a lot of different environments and to give the products a unique, organic sound you don’t normally hear on mobile devices.”

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