The Viola World Loses a Legend – Remembering Joseph de Pasquale

Joseph de Pasquale

The viola world, and by extension the entire classical music world, was rocked on Monday with the passing of Joseph de Pasquale.

A student of yet another legendary violist, William Primrose, Mr. de Pasquale leaves behind a tremendous musical legacy. In a mass mailing sent out yesterday, the Curtis Institute of Music – where he studied with Primrose – honored Pasquale for providing “over 50 years—guiding young violists to noteworthy careers as orchestra members, soloists, and teachers.” He was honored earlier this year in May at Curtis’ commencement ceremony with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. de Pasquale held the position of principal violist with two of the top orchestras in the United States: the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1947 to 1964 and the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1964 until retirement in 1996. With these two orchestras, he cemented a reign of over five decades as one of the greatest violists of the 20th century.

In performance, Pasquale achieved a sound and technique that drew widespread acclaim, from casual listeners to music critics and scholars. Stephen Wyrczynski, chairman of Indiana University’s string department and a former student of Pasquale, described him as combining “the burnished richness of the cello [and] the brilliant virtuosity of the violin. It is this range of expression that has placed his live performances and recordings at the highest echelon, not only his viola playing but also of string performance, in the current and past century.” Pasquale further augmented his significant orchestral career as a member of one of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s few standing string quartets – the de Pasquale String Quartet, which included three of his brothers.

In pedagogy, Pasquale was also highly acclaimed. In the way he taught his students, he became an important link between Primrose and a younger generation. He focused on having his students imitate him on the nuances of a particular work or passage, while also pressing them to develop their own sound and voice. And, like Primrose, he instructed his students to improve the smooth bow change at the frog by bringing the left shoulder forward slightly, moving the viola to meet the bow at the frog. Curtis Institute of Music president Roberto Díaz credits Pasquale with raising the standard of viola playing, so much so that it changed how listeners and performers viewed the instrument.

Others remember Mr. de Pasquale for his inspirational yet down-to-earth character. On message boards and chat groups, people whose lives were touched by Pasquale share memories of him sitting with them after an event, drinking and puffing away while reflecting on past experiences, present moments, and future possibilities. People describe him as “bigger than life…” Yet, never is there the feeling that he was too big to spend time with you.

We at Ovation Press were so fortunate and thankful to have spent time with Mr. de Pasquale. As an editor, he contributed several exceptional scores for orchestral viola. And, he shared a much more personal connection with us through a two-part interview.

Mr. de Pasquale, who passed away at the age of 95, is survived by three children, ten grandchildren, and two brothers. We and the viola & classical music world will miss him greatly.

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