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Learn to Play With Helmholtz Motion

Read on to discover a fantastic exercise from Dr. Cheri Collins on how to learn to play with the Helmholtz Motion, and thus play with better tone.
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What is “Good” Tone? Re-calibrating our Ears

Have you ever wondered exactly what “good” tone is? If you want to learn more about how to improve YOUR tone READ ON!
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Bow and Pluck of the Vibrating String

Check out the different ways in which sound is generated on string instruments and how you can use that knowledge in practice and performance. Hans Jorgen Jensen and Cheri Collins, experts here on the topic of “String Theory,” each explore the vibrating string and the relevant scientific discoveries of Hermann von Helmholtz.
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The Plucked String

Dr. Cheri Collins shares some of her extensive knowledge that comprised her dissertation regarding Helmholtz’s concept of motion and how it pertains to playing string instruments. In this article she explores the plucked vs. bowed string.
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Physics of the Vibrating String

One of the most important elements of physics in string music is how a string vibrates. Learn about the experiments of the great scientist Hermann Helmholtz and how his research and findings could help you as a performing musician.
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