Two Quirky Stories Involving a “Violin”


The “violins” aren’t quite what you’d expect…

The first is about a Galaxy Zoo contributor who discovered a unique and spectacular galaxy merger in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data. This type of merger is very rare (triple or possibly quadrupal) and is characterized by “thin and long tidal tails.”

It didn’t take long for the nickname “Violin Clef” to emerge. Just take a look:

A New Galaxy Merger in the Shape of a Violin Clef

Well they do say that music is a universal language.

The second story, which we shared on our Facebook page the other day, but which was just too fascinating not to post here, is about a very special violin that takes more than one person to play. Check out the scale of the World’s Largest Violin  — which made it to the Guinness World Records — and hear what it sounds like!

And who says nothing unique ever happens in classical music anymore!?

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