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What Classical Musicians’ Lack, Part 3

In the final article of our series, we look at several less-discussed aspects of the conversation on challenges facing musicians entering their professional field
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Brey and McKean Bring Baroque Bach to Audiences

For the first time in his career, NY Philharmonic Principal Cellist and Ovation Press editor Carter Brey will perform the complete Bach Cello Suites. Learn more about the concert and the Baroque-style instrumental setup he will play with!
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Interview with Stephen Geber, Part 2

Stephen Geber shares his thoughts on different aspects of playing in orchestral music as a career, including bowings and the interaction among different members of orchestras
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Interview with Stephen Geber, Part 1

Cellist Stephen Geber sits down with Ovation Press for an exclusive interview in which he shares his personal experiences in developing a career in music
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Practice Retreat (CMW Fellows Series February 2013)

CMW fellow Annalisa Boerner writes about the importance of the “Practice Retreat”
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What Classical Musicians Lack, Part 2

In the second article of our series, we look at the question of reinventing classical music or classical audiences
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