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Alisa Weilerstein Named MacArthur Fellow!

Cellist Alisa Weilerstein has been named a 2011 MacArthur Fellow! Read on for more about this amazing visionary!
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Thoughts About Florian ZaBach

In a special guest post, violinist Jaakko Ilves from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland shares his thoughts about legendary violinist Florian ZaBach and his rendition of “The Hot Canary.”
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An Accidental Music Festival?

Life works out funny sometimes. One moment you are thinking about how to put together a concert, the next a festival falls in your lap!
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China’s Traditional Arts in the 21st Century

An Innovative Ensemble and Workshop is bringing Chinese Chamber Music into the Modern age
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Marphe Quartet Making Young Names Known

The Marphe Quartet, comprised of four remarkable young talents from all over the world, will perform at Turkey’s International Festival.
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Violins with Volume!

A little shop in Durham, North Carolina is making headlines with a specialized product: electric string instruments!
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Reflections of a Musical Visionary: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 2

In the continuation of our interview with Community MusicWorks founder Sebastian Ruth, we discuss the issues of time management, creativity, and leadership.
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Music as a Treatment for Cancer?

Does music cure cancer? Of course not… but new research highlights the potential for it to benefit in a therapeutic manner.
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Congratulations to Chad Hoopes, MPR Artist-in-Residence

MPR Classical has chosen its latest artist-in-residence. He’s only 17, and he’s someone we know!
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 1

Sebastian Ruth is a community partner, social entrepreneur, and musical visionary who founded Community MusicWorks. As a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, there is much for us to learn from him. READ ON and BE INSPIRED in part 1 of Mr. Ruth’s exclusive interview with String Visions.
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