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String Players’ Brains are “Special”

As string players, we develop brain areas that others do not. Other musicians develop unique brains, but string players are subjects of ongoing research because they offer distinctive evidence of brain plasticity. Our brains develop more in volume, mechanisms of use, and perhaps heightened abilities beyond music alone.
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Interview with Cellist and Editor Valter Dešpalj

Interview with Cellist and Editor Valter Dešpalj

Valter Despalj Featured Banner Internationally acclaimed cellist, arranger, and Ovation Press editor Valter Dešpalj shares his thoughts on arranging music and the evolving body of cello repertoire.
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Understanding Visionary

In the conclusion to “The Future is Now” we explore Visionary, the music innovation project. It is designed to empower classical musicians to play an integral role in revitalizing and reinventing the way classical music is presented and perceived. That is our mission statement… but what are we looking for?
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Five Key Career Success Strategies for Today’s Musician

Angela Myles Beeching, author of “Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music,” has advised hundreds of musicians on every aspect of career advancement. Here, Beeching offers five keys strategies especially relevant to string players.
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Yo-Yo Ma Leads Discussion at CSO Symposium

Yo-Yo Ma brings contagious joy and energy to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Citizen Musicianship Initiative!
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