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NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Hans Jørgen Jensen

Internationally renowned cellist and pedagogue Hans Jørgen Jensen, founder/artistic director of the Northwestern University Cello Ensemble, talks about the ensemble, his experiences, and his teaching.
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NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson Rachmaninoff Ensemble Joseph Johnson, principal cellist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, has been heard throughout the world as a soloist, chamber musician and educator. In this interview, he shares his thoughts about his life as a musician.
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Interview Michael van der Sloot – Cave Art 2

NU Cello Ensemble Series: Interview with Michael van der Sloot

Interview Michael van der Sloot - Cave Art 1 Learn more about the inspiration behind the title work of Northwestern University Cello Ensemble’s new album: Shadow, Echo, Memory
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Despalj Omaggio Cello and Piano Despalj Score

Omaggio a Bellini from the Brothers Dešpalj

Valter and Pavle Despalj We’ve got a double treat of Dešpalj for you! Editor Valter Dešpalj joins with his brother Pavle to bring an exciting original composition from latter, Omaggio a Bellini, to you in two arrangements: cello & guitar and cello & piano.
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Granados Intermezzo Cello Despalj Featured

Valter Dešpalj takes on some Spanish Flavor with Granados and Guitar

Granados Intermezzo Cello Despalj Featured Enrique Granados’ Intermezzo from the opera Goyescas has been arranged for cello and guitar by Valter Dešpalj
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Watkins Unheard Cello Watkins Score

Hear the Unheard Serenade by Stephen Watkins

Stephen Watkins Unheard Serenade Inspired by the second verse of the poem “Let Me Enjoy” by Thomas Hardy, this wordless serenade is written in the style of Purcell for cello octet
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Mendelssohn Song without Words Cello Despalj Score

Cello and Guitar Sing a Song without Words

Mendelssohn Song Without Words Valter Dešpalj continues to explore how guitar accompaniment can help to emphasize a character of intimacy in music with cello. Mendelssohn’s Song without Words, Op. 109 joins as the newest arrangement.
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Adam O Holy Night Cello Fraser Score

New Holiday Score: O Holy Night for Cello Trio

O Holy Night Celebrate the holidays with a cello trio arrangement of Adolphe Adam’s O Holy Night by Kathy Fraser
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Barlowe Come Close the Curtain of Your Eyes Score

A Poem for Violin and Piano by Amy Barlowe

Barlowe Come Close the Curtain of Your Eyes Featured An original composition by Amy Barlowe for violin and piano, based on the poem of the same name by Pauline Avery Crawford
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Joseph Silverstein

Remembering Joseph Silverstein

Joseph Silverstein Violinist, conductor, and teacher Joseph Silverstein has passed away at age 83
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