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This is Your Mind on Music

This is Your Mind on Music

Musical Mind Slider Version Science, and particularly brain research concerning string players, has implications beyond musicians. Scientists are discovering new and unique ways that the mind works in many contexts.
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Visionary Youth: Cellist Brannon Cho

At String Visions we are always on the lookout for inspiration. One the greatest sources of that is to see young musicians excelling at their art, demonstrating that a visionary can be found in any age.
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How Big is the Universe?

By exploring the relationship between physics and string music, and opening up a dialogue that explores both past influential thought and current leading discoveries, we aim to create a forum where string players can be exposed to the most recent research and discoveries from leading physicists concerning string playing.
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An Ever-Shifting World

Part 1 of “The Future is Now,” our introductory series to String Visions and the Visionary innovation project
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