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You Never Stop Learning

You NEVER stop learning! That’s what expert double bassists Paul Ellison and Francois Rabbath hit home in this phenomenal interview. Read on to learn more!
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Bow Speed Techniques

Do you ever feel that your bow is too short? You might need to work on some bow speed exercises. Learn son filé exercises from the Masters!
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Interview with Music Educator Max Karler

Music educator Max Karler shares his recent experience at the Northwestern Conducting Symposium, as well as his thoughts on music education and pursuing a career in music.
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Reflections of a Musical Visionary: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 2

In the continuation of our interview with Community MusicWorks founder Sebastian Ruth, we discuss the issues of time management, creativity, and leadership.
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Don’t Practice Too Much! (An Expert Says…)

Check out this historical interview with legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz! Even one hundred years later the master violinist still has much to teach us!
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Interview with Sebastian Ruth, Part 1

Sebastian Ruth is a community partner, social entrepreneur, and musical visionary who founded Community MusicWorks. As a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, there is much for us to learn from him. READ ON and BE INSPIRED in part 1 of Mr. Ruth’s exclusive interview with String Visions.
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Angela Beeching: What You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey

Today Angela Beeching ran a great “Monday Byte” drawing upon famous actor Kevin Spacey for advice. Learn from both of them!
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Jeff Bradetich on Competitions

Jeff Bradetich has an incredible wealth of wisdom and experience. Here, Mr. Bradetich offers some of his DOs and DON’Ts for musicians participating in competitions, as well as some great insights into mature performing.
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Interview with Chad Hoopes

String Visions interviews brilliant young violin talent Chad Hoopes at the Young Artists Program in Ottawa June 2011.
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Daily Bow: Being Adaptable in Classical Music

Daily Bow: Being Adaptable in Classical Music

Daily Bow Logo Being adaptable in classical music is an incredibly useful skill in today’s world. Check out this article from Brass Musician!
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