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Interview with Music Educator Max Karler

Music educator Max Karler shares his recent experience at the Northwestern Conducting Symposium, as well as his thoughts on music education and pursuing a career in music.
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Jeff Bradetich on Competitions

Jeff Bradetich has an incredible wealth of wisdom and experience. Here, Mr. Bradetich offers some of his DOs and DON’Ts for musicians participating in competitions, as well as some great insights into mature performing.
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Interview with Jenna Baumgart, Part 3

The final installment of our interview with Jenna Baumgart! She’s back to share some more ideas with other performers on how to prevent injuries and offer her ideas for the future.
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Interview with Jenna Baumgart, Part 2

In Part 2 we hear from Jenna Baumgart about the research she conducted for her Master’s thesis. She offers advice to other music instructors on how to prevent injuries in their students.
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Interview with Jenna Baumgart, Part 1

Brianna Richardson interviews Jenna Baumgart MA, who is an expert in the fields of musicians’ health and injury prevention. In the first of three parts she shares how she first got interested in these topics.
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Jeff Bradetich: “The Ultimate Challenge”

Jeff Bradetich shares with us his six rules for successful practice. Learn how they can EMPOWER YOU!
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Wise Words from Bassist Paul Ellison

String Visions had the privilege of speaking with Paul Ellison, who is not only one of our music editors at Ovation Press but also an esteemed bassist and professor at Rice University.
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