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Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

How long does it take for you to make a snap judgment about how good a performer is? That’s why first impressions are so powerful! Read on to learn more about how to make your first 20 seconds the best 20 seconds of music you’ve ever played!
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The Case for Active Practicing

Image of a "Not Very Ideal" Piano Study Have you ever had trouble motivating yourself to practice? Then this is for you. A special guest author offers some remarkable insights on how to make practicing more engaging, effective, and fun.
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Helmholtz Resonance Signature Mode In The Violin

Want to achieve a better tone? Purchase a better quality instrument. NOT SO FAST!! Find out what Scientists say about the Helmholtz Resonance Signature Mode!
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Daily Bow: How Much Practice is Enough

Daily Bow: How Much Practice is Enough

Daily Bow Logo How much do you practice? How much should you practice? Check out what young string players and young soccer players have in common.
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How Many Hours a Day Do You Practice?

How Many Hours a Day Do You Practice?

Professional Slider Version Learn about how to practice more efficiently from Dr. Noa Kageyama, The Bulletproof Musician!
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The Feldenkrais Method & Alexander Technique

Two methods of movement education that have been particularly popular with musicians are the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique. These two methods of somatic education use specific patterns of movement to help bring our attention to how we move.
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Finding the Perfect Setup, Part 2

Finding the Perfect Setup continues as we learn about general concerns and issues for violinists and violists!
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How to Measure Effective Practice

How to measure effective practice? A timeless question. Daniel Coyle lays out a gauge to do precisely this and help people “practice better.”
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Finding the Perfect Setup, Part 1

Finding a comfortable setup for your instrument can be a struggle for any musician. The setup for each instrument is unique because each places different stresses on the body. Read on to learn the importance of the proper setup for continued healthy practicing.
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Learn to Play With Helmholtz Motion

Read on to discover a fantastic exercise from Dr. Cheri Collins on how to learn to play with the Helmholtz Motion, and thus play with better tone.
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