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16 Ways to Sabotage Your Music Career!

Professional Slider Version 16 Ways to Sabotage Your Music Career from expert Angela Beeching!
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How to Measure Effective Practice

How to measure effective practice? A timeless question. Daniel Coyle lays out a gauge to do precisely this and help people “practice better.”
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Michael Hill Violin Competition Round 1 Videos

Check out video coverage of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition, courtesy of AucklandYou – an online video archive for Auckland Film makers and appreciators.
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Taking Your Career to the Next Level: 6 Essential Musician Strategies

Now, more than ever before, musicians need to be entrepreneurial in creating their own paths to success. Read on to learn from expert Angela Beeching about how to forge your own way in music.
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Daily Bow: Two Conducting Competitions Across the World

Daily Bow: Two Conducting Competitions Across the World

Daily Bow Logo Today’s Daily Bow looks at some incredible emerging (and seasoned) talent at two different conducting competitions, one in the US and one in Poland.
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Five Key Career Success Strategies for Today’s Musician

Angela Myles Beeching, author of “Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music,” has advised hundreds of musicians on every aspect of career advancement. Here, Beeching offers five keys strategies especially relevant to string players.
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Yo-Yo Ma Leads Discussion at CSO Symposium

Yo-Yo Ma brings contagious joy and energy to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Citizen Musicianship Initiative!
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Science Gives Tips on Practicing!

Science Gives Tips on Practicing!

Professional Slider Version How many times should I repeat a passage when I practice? How fast should I practice? Find out!
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Wise Words from Bassist Paul Ellison

String Visions had the privilege of speaking with Paul Ellison, who is not only one of our music editors at Ovation Press but also an esteemed bassist and professor at Rice University.
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I Don’t Have Enough Time…

I Don’t Have Enough Time…

Professional Slider Version We always have the feeling that there is not enough time available for all the things we want to learn and practice. So what do we do about it?
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